Argentina East Mission Reunion
                    August 14, 2004
     Institute building at UVSC, Orem, UT

Lunch was held at Tucano's Brazilian Grill in the river bottom, east Orem.

Thanks to Jonn Claybaugh for making arrangements for the UVSC Institute building.

Thanks to Roger Toone who coordinated the evening meal. 

Jerry Swiss: "I told you I'd knock you're tooth out."
Burke Hills: "I know, I know.  I just can't believe you really did it!"

Grant Underwood: "I told you to watch out for Jerry Swiss.  He always follows through with what he says."
Marc Sanders: "I'm a High Priest.  I can sleep anywhere . . . anytime . . . through anything."
Burke Hills: "Yes, Grant.  I've learned my lesson.  Jerry has a mean left upper-cut."

Joyce & Dave Woodland, Terry Pfau, Steve Fuller

Lucy (Payne) Lake, Mike Rigby, Barry Lunt, Mike Hetzel

Teri Boulter, Lynn & Charlene (Hull) McMurray, Brad Caldwell, Terry & Denise Pfau, Roger Toone

Barbara & Rich Taylor, Pam (Baer) Wilcher, Mike Rigby, Barry & Cathy Lunt, Guy & Jane Morris, Becky & Terry Landgrave, Mike Hetzel w/back to camera.

Bob Taylor & Brad Farnsworth

Mark Anderson, Ron Bagley, Guy Wentzel, Joe Richey, Dave Woodland, Lee Hardy

Burke Hills, Connie & Brian Aikens, Tom Tripp in the background

Scott & Holly Jones, Debbie Farnsworth, Rick Boulter blocking view of Brad Farnsworth, Guy Wentzel, Guy Morris . . . yup, two Guys just standing around.

Bob Taylor and his daugther, Jamie (crouched in the doorway) teamed up to provide a rendition of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" that would have moved Evita to tears.

Standing (L-R): Linda (Alexander) Diaz, Geri (Singleton) Miller, Chris (Bergstrom) Armstrong, Shelly (Howard) Hale, Patty (Willie) Anderson, Lucy (Payne) Lake, Marlene (Ray) Hinton, Pam (Baer) Wilcher, Darlene (Johnson) Barker
Seated (L-R): Grace (Herrera) Gonzalez, Cathy (Carlson) Croxall, Marsha (Evans) McGee, Kathy (Reaser) Anderson, Charlene (Hull) McMurray

Back row (L-R): John Doolittle, Dennis Erekson, Bruce Major, Bob Taylor, Mike Hetzel, David Prince, Guy Wentzel, Tom Tripp, Jerry Swiss, Grant Underwood, Brian Aiken, Burke Hills, Steve Fuller
Middle row (L-R): Brian Arnesen, Craig Bishop, Ron Bagley, Scott Jones, Brad Caldwell, David Woodland, Rick Boulter, Terry Landgrave, Joe Richey
First row (L-R): Lee Hardy, Terry Pfau, Steve Collard, Guy Wentzel, Roger Toone, Jonn Claybaugh

Ahlstrom, Julie (Shields) & Doug

Aikens, Connie & Brian

Anderson, Neil & Kathy (Reaser)

Anderson, EksAyn & Patty (Willie)

Armstrong, Chris (Bergstrom) & her sister, Terri Jasperson

Arnesen, Brian & Karen

Barker, Darlene (Johnson) & David

Bishop, Alene & Craig

Caldwell, Brad & Marianne

Carpenter, Bryan & Teri

Claybaugh, Jonn & Judy

Collard, Steve - no photo

Cook, Carl & Susan

Croxall, Gary & Kathy (Carlson)

Diaz, Miguel & Linda (Alexander)

Doolittle, John & Julie

Erekson, Kathy & Dennis

Farnsworth, Brad & Debbie

Fuller, Myrna & Steve

Gonzalez, Grace (Herrera) & George - no photo

Hale, Marlund & Shelly (Howard)

Hardy, Lee & Sherma

Hetzel, Mike

Hills, Vicki & Burke

Hinton, Marlene (Ray) - no photo

Jones, Scott & Holly

Landgrave, Becky & Terry

Lunt, Barry & Cathy

Major, Jan & Bruce

McGee, Marsha (Evans) & Randel

Miller, Geri (Singleton) & Glen

Morris, Guy & Jane

Pfau, Terry & Denise

Prince, Sandra & David

Richey, Roberta & Joe

Rigby, Mike - no photo

Romney, Tony - no photo

Sherwood, Kristi & Phil

Steele, Deanne & Lowell

Swiss, Kathy & Jerry

Taylor, Barbara & Rich

Toone, Roger

Tripp, Liz & Tom

Underwood, Grant & Sheree

Wentzel, Terri & Guy

West, Gary & Carol

Wilcher, Pam (Baer)

Woodland, David & Joyce

Zahlmann, Chris & Dolores (Dodge)
Oh, we had sprayed our hair for an activity at Church.  We're not normally this "salt and pepper"ish.