June 14th

 Annin & Co. - Flag Etiquette - read the official U.S. code on flag etiquette.

Connecticut Society of the American Revolution: Flag Etiquette - tips on how to display the flag, when to let it fly, and how to respect it properly.

Displaying the Flag - graphics showing how to hang the flag in times of mourning, outdoors, or indoors.

Facts About the United States Flag - brief list of facts and historical changes to the U.S. Flag. From the Smithsonian.

Flag Education & Etiquette - information on how to care for and respect the American Flag as well as some FAQs, from the American Legion.

US Flag ImageFlag of the United States of America - this great, in-depth site has information on the history of the flag, writings about the flag, flag facts, and lots more.

Flags of United States of America - see the current flag, learn the significance of its colors, and read the history behind this country's previous flags.

pictureSuncatchers - U.S. Flag - make a flag using colorful, light-catching beads.

Flag Day (June 14) - find out what a traditional Flag Day in America is like and how it came to be.

Haskell by the Month: Flag Day - celebrate the stars and stripes with this student site.

History of Flag Day - learn how the idea for this day began back in 1885.

History of Flag Day, June 14th - learn about this holiday that began in 1885.

National Flag Day Foundation - find out how to participate in this group's annual Pause For The Pledge Of Allegiance. Includes bios of historic Americans, lyrics for patriotic songs, and more.

U.S. Flag - learn how this flag should be folded and read the Pledge of Allegiance while listening to a longer version. Also includes lyrics and midi music for God Bless the USA.

To SUVCW HomepageU.S. Flag Code (36 USC 10) - the guidelines on how to respect and display the American Flag.

US Flag Jigsaw Puzzle

USPS Ship's Wheel LogoUSPS Flag Etiquette - offers etiquette for boats, yachts, and other sea-bearing vessels for displaying flags.

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