To find out where all the 4th of July holidays are being held throughout Arizona  

There are many opportunities for you and your family to enjoy 4th of July fireworks celebrations this year. From picnics and concerts to rides all leading up to the exciting fireworks, there is no better day to enjoy with your family than 4th of July in Phoenix.

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Happy 4th July ! Today in History: July 4 - learn about the history of this holiday and see pictures and documents from the Library of Congress. Government Made Easy Made Easy - The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4th, 1776.  At, they celebrate by providing you with information on firework safety, laws and celebrations; facts about the history of this great holiday and a variety of holiday tips to make your 4th of July a fun day for the entire family.


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Echoes Of The Heart
We gather 'round to celebrate
On Independence Day
Pay homage to our country
As the children run and play.
With barbecues and picnics
And fireworks in the air
The flag we own is proudly flown
To show how much we care.
The stars and stripes spell freedom
She waves upon the breeze
While bursts of colors can be seen
Above the towering trees.
This is all quite wonderful
We revel in delight
But God above in divine love
Has brought this day to light.
With just a stroke of liberty
A touch of His great hand
He gave democracy to us
And helped this country stand.
The stripes upon our stately flag
Were touched by His sweet grace
Each star of white that shines so bright
Reflects His loving face.
So as you turn to face the flag
For battles that were fought
Be filled with pride for those who died
And freedoms that were bought.
But don't forget to thank the One
Who gives the bright display
The reason why we paint the sky
On Independence Day
Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson